“Jason is a charismatic, passionate and energizing sales professional. His progressive, strategic mindset drives revenue and his creative, solutions-oriented approach to business development leads to innovative ways to satisfy audience and build partnerships. Jason creates great programs that help companies realize the potential of online. He brings innovative thinking to industries looking to capitalize on digital tools. He’s a big thinker who executes and grows business beyond expectations. Jason makes things happen while always making sure to put the client’s needs first. His easy going personality is an asset and he is a delight to work with. Teaming with Jason is the smartest decision any business owner can make.”

Nella Veldran, Former Director of Business Development, Hart Energy and Former Publisher, Chemical Engineering, 2002-2008)

“I had the pleasure of working with and managing Jason Bullock during my tenure at Chemical Engineering. He was always a consistent performer and he exceeded his sales budgets on a regular basis. He was always very prepared for his sales presentations and constantly looking for new business to grow his territory. He is a true professional sales person!”

Mike O’Rourke, Publisher, Lehigh Valley Business (Formerly Publisher, Chemical Engineering 2008-2011)

“Jason Bullock has been a tremendous asset to NextStepU Magazine for the past 14 years. He is a true professional and probably the best advertising salesman I have ever encountered. With Jason’s help, we grew our magazine from a regional to a national. I endorse Jason 1000% and welcome a call to discuss his incredible abilities.”

Dave Mammano, Founder & CEO, Next Step Education Group

“Jason Bullock is the most professional and effective media rep I’ve ever known. He understands all aspects of the publishing business, continuously studies the competitive landscape, quickly learns his prospects’ business drivers, and has a sixth sense about the relationship aspect of selling. He’s both smart and intuitive. No one will out work him. I’ve known him for over 25 years, and have time and again seen him turn under-performing territories into top performers on numerous publications. He hits the ground running and within 18-months will be one of your top sellers.”

Joe Woods, President of International Pinpoint Company (Formerly Associate Publisher & Marketing Manager, Gulf Publishing Company 1989-2001)

“I had the pleasure of working with Jason Bullock for 12 years at Chemical Engineering Magazine, where he was a district sales manager. During his time there, Jason has consistently been one of the highest grossing sales people for the brand. While other sales at the magazine dropped during economic downturns in our industry, he maintained or overshot sales targets in both good times and bad. He is personable, sincere and trustworthy. He does not over-promise and therefore maintains an excellent reputation for himself and the brands that he sells. Meanwhile, he is dependable, well-organized and follows through on his commitments. Since I come from the editorial side of the fence, I have always appreciated Jason’s respect for editorial boundaries and his knowledge and interest of the industries that he serves. He is a team player and a huge asset to the organizations that he represents.”

Rebekkah Marshall, Director of Operations of Marshall Projects (Former Editor-In-Chief, Chemical Engineering 2001-2013)